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Lir Stern


My name is Lir,

that allows me to get inspired by almost
THINGS by Lir Stern is not just the name of my brand but is also the way I approach my creative process, with an open-mindedness.
I'm a fashion designer living and working in Israel. anything, and to create everything I want.

All the pieces I create are made with 100% attention and love to every detail. from choosing the fabric, developing the shape,  cutting and sewing, to the way, it will feel on any body.  

My pieces have a unique amorphic quality.  in a sense that they're not bound to one class. it could be a dress you wear to work and very easily it can transform into a beautiful evening dress.

My studio is located in Downtown Haifa city.
I chose the Downtown area for its industrial environment and very down to earth mentality.

Apart from ETSY, I also sell my designs at a few local clothing stores and at my studio.

Looking forward to your visit!

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